It Began with a Crash...

Once upon a Holiday Night, a Christmas tree fell and startled the Radko family household. With more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments broken to bits, Christopher was distraught. Searching endlessly to replace them, he found nothing quite good enough to replace his treasured memories. He soon realized that the only option was to start from scratch. Thus began the creation of Christopher Radko Ornaments.

With nothing but his Christmas memories to build upon, Christopher enlisted a Polish glassblower and went to work recreating his family’s lost heirlooms. The project went so well that by 1985 sixty unique designs were debuted and a respected business was created. Today, after thirty years of designing and creating, the Christopher Radko Company has produced more than eighteen million fine European glass ornaments that have become a part of family traditions across the United States.

Growing to encompass several additional lines of holiday décor, including the impressive “Home for the Holidays” line, Christopher Radko uses tabletop items and trim to captivate family members and guests alike. Whether it be ceramic cookie jars, magical snowglobes, silky stockings or luscious tree skirts that complements your Radko tree, there is something for everyone. Christopher Radko later introduced Shiny Brite™, a vintage-inspired line featuring recreations of uniquely American ornaments, lighting and accessories first made popular in the 1940’s and 50’s. The mix of spectacular colors and unique shapes are perfect for adding shine to your holiday while reminiscing over your childhood holiday memories.

From the beginning, each extraordinary holiday treasure is created in artisanal Polish factories by a talented team of artists and craftsmen. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, using methods that date back to the Renaissance era. The artists put careful thought and thorough hard work into carving and molding, and they perform the glass blowing and silvering steps with passion and dedication. The process continues as each delicate detail is hand-painted to complete the Christopher Radko ornament. The entire process takes weeks to complete and requires unparalleled skill.

The magical heirlooms produced by the Christopher Radko Company have brought joy and happiness into homes worldwide, creating ever-lasting traditions throughout the years. Christopher Radko ornaments have decorated the White House, adorned the Kennedy Center, and garnished the personal collections of celebrities such as Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Robert DeNiro, Elizabeth Taylor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Creative Team

Joseph Walden, Design Director:

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Joseph Walden leads the artistic team that creates Christopher Radko ornaments and products. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a Master’s Degree in Art Education, Joseph brought his formal arts training and prolific design abilities to Christopher Radko over 15 years ago. He enthusiastically applies his insight and experience to creating new and exciting holiday collections year after year. Joseph personally worked with Christopher Radko for many years, learning techniques that he feels have made his ornaments truly unique and magical.

“I believe it's having this firsthand experience that allows us to carry on the look and feel of the Christopher Radko brand, which our collectors have come to love and expect. I always become very excited to unveil our new product line, as each collection is unique and special. We are so proud to share our treasures with the world, and I love to hear all the positive feedback from our customers. Best of all, I really look forward to seeing the expression on collector’s faces when they first get a chance to see what the New Year has to offer.”

Each Christopher Radko ornament is completed with impeccable detail and magnificent artisanship. Simple ideas come to life in a Polish artisanal workshop that employs the same time-tested techniques and processes that have been used since the company’s very beginning.

Mario Taré, Senior Designer:

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Starting as Christopher Radko’s founding designer, Mario has delighted fans with his designs for over eighteen years. Now, as the Senior Designer, he continues to amaze the Radko family with his unprecedented designs. Mario holds a special place in the Christopher Radko Company as the first Christmas Ornament Designer.

As a key component in the success of every Christopher Radko line, Mario has been there for every step of the way. From contributing to establishing the Home for the Holidays™ tabletop collection or helping develop the wildly popular 1940’s-themed Shiny Brite™ collection, Mario’s creative sparkle can be found in each and every ornament.

“I am very proud to have been a part of bringing so many of the Christopher Radko designs to life and knowing that my work brings joy to so many families. It is a privilege to work with the team of dedicated and talented Radko designers and artisans. I am thankful that I get to draw and design for a living and that I have the privilege of meeting collectors who admire the Radko products that we create. It’s a humbling experience for which I am extremely grateful.”

Thanks to Mario and his flawless designs, Christopher Radko collectors and fans trust that each collection created is worthy of the “Radko” name and legacy.